We are desperate to know where did the name Valhyr come from? 

It's actually a name i made up when I was naming my instagram - I created the instagram in around February 2019 and sometime by March to May I decided to rename it, I can't remember what the name at first was because it was a placeholder name I used. Anyway I aimed for an old norse sounding name so the part of val comes from valr and the hyr comes from kyr so something similar to valkyr(ies). Anyway later I learned hyrr is actually flame or fire so it would be something like the flame of those fallen in battle, but that is waaaay to edgy in my opinion so it was not the initial point of the name :D So long story short, it's a made up name to be short and similar to valr, valkyries, valraven and so 


What inspired you to start the brand? 

People asking me to do merch, which was very weird because why would people want to wear this stuff. So then I thought okay if I'm gonna do merch and I'm learning about this I will try to do a whole brand not just sell tshirts with my print on the front 



Where did your passion for Norse culture come from. What started it off?

I'm from Estonia and it's a very pagan and animistic country by nature so in a sense I've always been into paganism/heathenism. I've follower nordic inspired artists on insta for a long time as well like RavenFromTheNorth, SkadiKnotdrawing and SacredKnotTattoos - but like with many the Vikings tv show resparked my interest and then I started watching youtubers like Dr Jackson Crawford and Arith Härger. 


What advice would you give someone with a passion and looking to start their own adventure ?

Stay true to what you believe and trust in your intuition, dont let yourself be manipulated by others opinions and ideals

Are there any creators out there that you particularly draw inspiration from?

Arith Härger, TheRavenFromTheNorth and Jüri Arrak (An Estonian artist) 


There is so much inspiration to be found in the Eddas and Viking Culture. How do you decide what to draw on for your designs?

I basically close my eyes and see what comes up, thats the good thing actually about this community/genre that there is never that "creative block" thing rather there are sooo many things I'd like to do 

Are there any new projects on the horizon that we could get a sneak peak of? 

There are yes but I'm that kind of a person I'll tell about them when they are ready. One shiny thing has been in the works since April and some other thing come later this year and start of next year 


What is your favourite aspect of being part of the norse/pagan/heathen community?

The community itself to be honest, I've never seen such a strong community - overall everyone is welcoming of each other, a lot of talent and the sense of community is very strong


When building Valhyr where there any unexpected challenges that you had to overcome to make it a success?

There were quite a few and throughout it's existence there have been as well, but nothing unexpected or that cant be handled. Even "small" things like the corona and lockdown situation but I try to turn every negative into a positive and I'd like think so far it has turned out great. But anyone in a situation like this - don't panic and just act  


Your content is always so incredible and varied! Were you always a pro or were there any skills you had to learn along the way?

Haha well thank you, that is flattering. I used to doodle stuff into my notebooks at school because I learned I listen to stuff better that way, so say I draw a picture of a horse and I'm listening to Estonian agriculture in the 10th century - I could then remember the picture and I'd remember what the story was about, it's a great lifehack!  


Just for fun -  If you had to choose a character from the Vikings TV show who would you be and why?

We'll I'd have to go with Ragnar because all the great lines have been given to him in my opinion, so he has a lot of characteristics I relate to - especially the one about uniting and doing something bigger together rather than fighting each other

Thank you for this opportunity and I really like what you guys are doing! Keep it up! 

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