Asgardian Apparel Deadlift Challenge 

The Challenge 

Deadlift the most weight possible in 15 minutes. Total weight will be calculated by weight on the bar x reps performed

The Rules

1. Only 1 attempt per person per month

2. The same person cannot win and claim gear more than once in six months. Whilst still free to compete it will be purely for the kudos of the top spot on the leaderboard.

3. Entrants must use an Olympic bar and commercial weight plates. These dont need to be calibrated but not DIY made at home plates or bars

4. The weight lifted on the bar can be chosen by the competitior but must remain the same for the whole challenge

5. How you complete the challenge is up to the competitor. There is not set rep or set scheme to be followed no specific rest periods dictated  - it is all down to you.

6. The entire attempt must be recorded from loading the bar to finishing. No pauses no breaks. The footage can then be uploaded and tag us in it with a DM to ensure we are aware of your entry. If you want to share it any other way DM us and we can see what we can do

7. Any stance can be used sumo or conventional

8. This is a raw style event so no lifting suits. Belts are fine and we'll be nice and even allow straps

9. The challenge starts from when the weight breaks the floor on the first rep

The Leaderboard