10 Minutes with...

The Saxon Storyteller

Hi! How’s it going. Thanks so much for taking time out to have a quick chat. Can we start with a bit more info about the person behind the posts?

Hi mate I'm Matt and I'm an illustrator from England 

How did you come up with the name The Saxon Storyteller? 

When I used to upload my old illustrations on Facebook it would label me as a 'visual storyteller' so I just robbed that haha 

What made you want to start creating and sharing?

I've always drawn and it got to the point where I had so many I just had to put them somewhere. I never expected to get the response I did. Always blows my mind.

What advice would you give to someone else thinking of doing the same thing or similar?

Just do what you enjoy and keep at it.

There is so much material out there how do you decide what to create/draw?

I can't really explain the process. Whenever I read something it always manifests as an image so i just sketch what i see when i read and sometimes it comes from daydreaming during a boring day haha

Your illustrations always portray a more intricate knowledge of mythology and the Eddas. Have you ever studied mythology or history in any way or, like many, are you self taught?

No study whatsoever, purely amateur. I've always loved British and English folklore and customs and also the Anglo Saxon era. It all just ties itself in.

Is there a particular piece that stands out from the rest that you have created or hold particular meaning for you?

Ahhh tough one. The Cernunnos I did for Taranis Lives is still a particular favourite. If I'm honest I only upload the ones that I don't completely hate. The Cernunnos one is the one that I can't find as much to pick apart haha.

Are there any other creators out there that you admire or are particularly influenced by?

Oh man so many. Shaun Hogan (@shogantattoo) is probably one of my favourites tbh. The team at Sacred Knot, Razorstorm, Thrud, Kryzsztov, there are way to many to name, the community has some incredible artists and craftsfolk

What’s your favourite thing about being part of the heathen/pagan community? 

A true sense of community, the frith. People will always help out others.

What are the plans for the future? Can you give us a sneak peek of anything in the works at the moment?

I take each week as it comes to be honest, I never thought it would blow up like this haha. Maybe in the new year I'll do some tees or one off prints!