Clothing Inspired by Myth, Worn by Legend




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The world around us is a gift to be treasured so that's why we will always seek to use eco-friendly products and alternatives where we can. A good example of this is our tees which are all 100% organic cotton and certified by the Global Organic Textiles Standard

New Things Coming Up

Bindrune Giveaway

We are very excited to announce the development and creation of our very own bind rune charms. These are handcrafted by us and will be given away with every order of £30 or more. Prior to sending them out we will consult you on what you want your specific rune to represent before it is carefully and delicately burnt into a small wooden charm made by us. Each product looks similar to the item featured on the left and are ideal for carrying in the pocket, for travel or to keep as a permanent fixture of any altar.

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Asgardian Apparel is a small independent clothing brand inspired by the history and stories of ancient Scandinavia. After having dreamed about creating something from our passions for a long long time one day in lockdown we decided to do something about it. Simply put we are committed to producing top notch clothing inspired by our love of norse mythology. We try and make all our clothing as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. Our tees and hoodies for example are made up of either organic cotton or recycled materials or a mix of both! We often collaborate with independent artists to bring our designs to life. Working with other like-minded, skilled and friendly people is just a bonus.