Aesir & Seidr

Of Gods and Magik

The Aesir

Thor, Odin, Freya, Heimdallr: The Aesir were the divine deities of the viking world. A pantheon of gods that inhabited

 the realm of asgard highest in the branches of Yggdrasil. Each of the Aesir represented different aspects life and would be called upon to bless the endeavours the Vikings undertook

Healing Rune.png

Seidr was a type of magic practiced by the Aesir after it was brought to them by Freyja of the Vanir. It formed the basis for the practice of shamanism in Viking culture with seers or Volur being devoted to its practice. The runes discovered by Odin were considered to be endowed with magical properties which our bind runes harness to bring their strength to the collection


Our newest set of designs are inspired by the wisdom of Odin himself. Taking a single rune as a central theme the words of the Havamal are bound around it to form an intricate pattern. Our first centres around Uruz - the rune of strength

The Sayings of the High One