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Stories of Old Retold


The twilight of the gods and re-birth of the world. The tale of ragnarök tells of a great battle between the gods of asgard and the forces of Evil. An army of fire demons led by the most terrible of their kind  Surtr spills forth from Muspelheim. The Gods break council and ride to meet their enemy. For many it will be their end. Some of our greatest pieces depict the scenes from the ending of the world


Tales of Asgard

To the left dwarves brothers hammer out a mighty gift for the Gods. The mountain leveller Mjolnir. To the right the spear that pierced the Allfather remains embedded in Yggdrasil - leftover from his discovery of the runes.  Our clothing tells the lore of the Vikings. 

Havamal 38.png
Havamal 38.png